How to Integrate DebugMail Service for Testing Email as an SMTP Server

May 16 2023

DebugMail is a fake SMTP server designed for testing outgoing traffic of web apps or websites in the development environment without deploying it to production. This simple email testing tool offers developers a way to catch and debug emails without cluttering real mailboxes, or sending emails to real users. By setting up mailcatching on DebugMail, you can test the correctness of sending triggered emails, scheduled marketing emails, or ensure the accuracy of attachments, senders’ addresses, and more.

Simple moke SMTP server for testing emails.

— How to integrate DebugMail with a code snippet
— How to integrate DebugMail with SMTP credentials

You can integrate DebugMail with your web project or app using two methods: code snippet or credentials.

How to integrate DebugMail with a code snippet

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Debug Mail website and login to your account using your Google, Github, or email credentials. After logging in, you must create a team and a project for the app or online store you wish to test.
Stages of creating a team and project for collaborative testing of outbound emails in web projects.
To test an app or online store, first login and create a team and project.
  1. Choose the technology from the list of presets. Copy the generated code and then paste it to your project.
Stages of obtaining a snippet for integrating DebugMail service into a project for testing outbound emails.
Integrating DebugMail with a code snippet.
  1. Run your email sending code and check how it was sent to DebugMail.
Fake SMTP server DebugMail. Intuitive workspace. Simple integration and management of outbound email testing.
DebugMail workspace.

How to integrate DebugMail with SMTP credentials

One can also utilize SMTP credentials, and we presume that you have already logged in.

  1. To find unique credentials for your project, scroll down past technology and snippets to the bottom of the page. You will see the following information:
Port: 25 or 9025
Username: unique-to-your-project
Password: unique-to-your-project
Stage of credential setup for integrating fake SMTP into your project for outbound email testing.
Integrating DebugMail with SMTP credentials.
  1. Paste them to your project and run the email sending code. And then check the email in DebugMail.

We also have an API for managing DebugMail, which we’ll cover in another article.

Our goal was to provide a straightforward and simple guide to getting started with DebugMail, and we hope you found it useful. Also check out our comparison of DebugMail vs. Google SMTP to see how easy it is to integrate DebugMail into your project.

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