Fake SMTP server for testing emails

Setting up an email server for testing is usually associated with headaches. Lots of environments, difficult collaboration, a risk of sending emails to real users tend to produce a great mess.

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We live on Product Hunt

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Debug Mail makes a developer’s life easier.

Create new team

Sign in to Debug Mail and create new team.

Invite colleagues

Share projects with your colleagues.

Create new project

Create new or choose existing project and open Project Settings page in context menu.

Setup SMTP connection

Setup SMTP connection in your development environment using values from this page.


  • Easy to setup

    Few simple steps and ready to work

    No SMTP required

    Start project without real SMTP server

  • Download emails

    Download email as a .EML file and open it in your desktop email client

    Forward email

    Forward the email to actual addresses

    Different email clients SOON

    Browsing emails in different email clients

  • Mail viewer

    View emails in different formats: HTML or plain text

    Open Source free

    Free for Open Source projects

    IMAP integration SOON

    IMAP server for integration purposes

  • Group emails

    Collect emails by a project

    Share projects

    Share projects with your colleagues

    Public links

    Share projects in public via the secret link

  • No spam SOON

    Do not spam real users

    Spam rating SOON

    Check your emails spam score

Setup Guide

Just copy following snippets to your app settings and change SMTP credentials to those that in your Debug Mail settings.

  • .NET

        <smtp from="john.doe@example.org">
          <network defaultCredetials="false"
            port="<project port>"
            userName="<project login>"
            password="<project password>"
            enableSsl="false" />
  • NodeJS

    var transporter =
      host: 'app.debugmail.io',
      port: 25,
      auth: {
        user: 'user@example.org',
        pass: '<project password>'
  • PHP

    return array(
        "driver" => "smtp",
        "host" => "app.debugmail.io",
        "port" => <project port>,
        "from" => array(
            "address" => "john.doe@example.org",
            "name" => "John Doe"
        "encryption" => "tls",
        "username" => <project login>,
        "password" => <project password>,
        "sendmail" => "/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs",
        "pretend" => false
  • PHP

    zend 2
    // Setup SMTP transport using LOGIN authentication
    $transport = new SmtpTransport();
    $options = new SmtpOptions(array(
        "name" => "debugmail",
        "host" => "app.debugmail.io",
        "port" => <project port>,
        "connection_class" => "plain",
        "connection_config" => array(
            "username" => <project login>,
            "password" => <project password>
  • Python

    EMAIL_HOST = "app.debugmail.io"
    EMAIL_HOST_USER = <project login>
    EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = <project password>
    EMAIL_PORT = <project port>
  • Python

    app.config["MAIL_PORT"] = 25
    app.config["MAIL_USERNAME"] = <project login>
    app.config["MAIL_PASSWORD"] = <project password>
    app.config["MAIL_USE_TLS"] = True
  • Ruby

    Ruby on Rails
    :address => "app.debugmail.io",
    :user_name => <project login>,
    :password => <project password>,
    :port => <project port>,
    :authentication => "plain",
    :enable_starttls_auto => true

Plans and pricing

We provide a free Silver plan for OSS projects. Contact us here to connect.

Free Silver Gold
Projects 1 10 Unlimited
Team Members 2 20 Unlimited
Test Emails per Day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Forwarding Emails per Day 1 100 Unlimited
Mailbox Storage Limit 10MB per team 1GB per team 5GB per team
Forwarding Rules 1 per project 20 per project
IMAP Soon Soon
Spam Rating Soon
Mail Client Viewer Soon
Pricing $0
then $2
per user per month
per user per month

Our happy clients

Thousands of developers around the world already trust Debug Mail to keep their testing emails.



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    Ioannis Blougouras

    Net developer, node.js enthusiast.
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    Jamie Hurst

    Lead developer of php, python, node, go and other things.
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    David Darke

    Co-founder and technical lead of @atomicsmash, a WordPress studio.
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    Jack Kingsman

    Development engineer and full stack developer.
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    Rob Gray

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    Clément Houde

    CEO at Pixodeo.
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    Alex Balabanov

    Marketing Director at VIS.
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  • For an efficient, simple, and completely free mail trapping service give DebugMail from @wbtech_live a go at debugmail.io. As an extra, it allows multiple and sharable mailboxes too.

    Kana Ki

    Kana Ki
  • Thanks for your reply and this great application.

    Demoustiez Sébastien

    Developer & Project Manager.
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    Krzysztof Szromek

    Exlabs Software Ltd. CTO.
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    Elad Gasner

    CloseApp / Research & Development (R&D) Manager.
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    Paolo Chianese

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    Bas van Engelen

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    Santiago Bermejo

    Redegal / Senior Magento Developer.

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