Comparison of DebugMail and Yahoo Mail SMTP

June 22 2023

We compare the two SMTP servers in terms of convenience for testers who need to quickly and easily set up and test outbound email traffic for a web project on staging.

Comparison of DebugMail and Yahoo Mail SMTP

DebugMail setup for mailcatching and debugging outgoing email traffic
Yahoo Mail SMTP setup for email testing
Pros and cons of services
Features and functionality of services
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First, let’s look at how both services are integrated into the project.

Setting up DebugMail for mailcatching and debugging outgoing email traffic

DebugMail provides two integration methods, via snippets or credentials. Just a few simple steps and you can begin the testing process:

  1. Visit and create an account using your preferred credentials (email, Google or GitHub).
DebugMail home screen and options to register for the service.
Go to the DebugMail website and log in to your account.
  1. Create a team and project for the specific app or online store where you want to test email.
Sidebar for creating a team and project in the DebugMail service.
In this way, the team can have clear access to the projects.
  1. Choose between integrating DebugMail with a code snippet or using SMTP credentials:
    • Projects →⚙️→ Settings
Project settings sidebar for integrating the DebugMail service into your web project.
Select the integration method that is most convenient for you.
  • If you want to integrate through a code snippet, select the desired technology, copy the generated code, and paste it into your project.
Project settings sidebar. Selecting a technology and copying a spippet to integrate the DebugMail service into your web project.
You don’t need to write anything manually, just copy the snippet.

An example snippet for Python technology looks like this:

EMAIL_HOST_USER = "unique-project-login-in-debugmail"
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = "unique-project-password-in-debugmail"
  • If you want to integrate via SMTP credentials, type the host, port, unique login and password in your project code:
Port: 25 or 9025
Login: login-generated-by-debugmail
Pass: pass-generated-by-debugmail
  1. Done. Now test your email functionality by sending emails and monitoring their reception and content within the DebugMail workspace.
A view of the full workspace in the fake SMTP service DebugMail for testing mail traffic.
DebugMail workspace.

Setting up DebugMail as a SMTP server takes less than 2 minutes.

Setting up Yahoo Mail SMTP for email testing

Yahoo Mail provides its customers with SMTP server settings for outbound mail and similar settings for inbound mail using POP or IMAP. Here, we provide the details that you need to enter into your program’s code to integrate Yahoo Mail as an SMTP server.

To get outgoing email traffic from a web project to your Yahoo mailbox, follow these steps:

  1. Register an account with Yahoo Mail.
  2. Navigate to the account settings section and access the «Account Security» options.
View of the Account Security tab in the Yahoo Mail settings
Click the «Account Security» tab.
  1. Proceed to «App Passwords» and generate a unique key for SMTP access.
Location of the button to start generating a unique key to integrate Yahoo Mail as SMTP.
Generate a special password (key) for the credential package that you need to enter in the web project code.
Additional description of why you need a unique key to integrate Yahoo Mail as SMTP.
Read more about why you need a special key.
The process of starting a unique key generation to integrate Yahoo Mail as SMTP.
To generate a special key, enter the name of your web project (site, application, etc.).
The final screen to generate a unique key to integrate Yahoo Mail as SMTP.
Copy the generated code (key) for your web project.
  1. Configure your web project with the provided SMTP credentials.
Host: (default)
Username: your full Yahoo Mail email address (e.g.
Password: special Yahoo Mail app password (key) (it’s not the password you use to log in to Yahoo Mail)
Port: 465 or 587 (default)
Requires SSL/TLS: Yes (if available)
Authentication: Yes (choose login if multiple options available)
  1. Send a test email and verify its successful delivery.

Pros and cons of services

DebugMailYahoo Mail SMTP
ProsIntegration in less than 2 minutesWidely used and trusted email service provider
Teamwork on projectsSimple integration
Free plan + affordable pricing plansFree service
Unlimited number of test emails per day
No need to manually sort test emails
ConsNo spam ratingCluttering of the actual Yahoo Mailbox
Requires setting up email sorting rules or manually moving them
Limits the number of test emails per day

Features and functionality of services

Yahoo Mail SMTP offers a reliable way to test and store emails in a real mailbox. To get started, you’ll need to register and link a valid phone number. This method can be difficult if you don’t have an extra test number. Additionally, with a daily limit of up to 500 test emails, it may not meet all your requirements.

Also, I’m not particularly fond of the design and placement of tools on Yahoo Mail. To implement email sending test functionality, you need to navigate through various pages.

Semen Senkevich 
Backend Developer at WBT—Global

DebugMail greets users with an intuitively designed interface and a convenient workspace for managing projects. The service provides a convenient solution for organizing project-related emails in dedicated folders, keeping your actual email accounts clutter-free. It also offers an HTML mode for viewing emails. One notable feature is the ability to set up forwarding rules, which allows you to send test emails to clients for approval. In addition, you can generate short links to share with colleagues and post them in your task tracker. And most importantly, the service allows you to test an unlimited number of emails per day. This feature is really important for stress testing.

By utilizing DebugMail’s functionalities, you can optimize your test email process while avoiding the limitations of Yahoo Mail SMTP.


In general, Yahoo Mail SMTP provides a simple setup process but is inconvenient in terms of email viewing, sorting, and the number of testable emails. It’s more suitable for small manual unit tests. 

DebugMail offers testers a quickly configurable tool for debugging email correctness, integrating into projects using snippets, credentials, or API. The tool is functional and useful for unit tests, automated and stress tests. If you have any questions about setting up DebugMail, please contact us.

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    Comparison of DebugMail and Yahoo Mail SMTP

    Comparison of two SMTP services for testing of outgoing email traffic in terms of ease of integration, functionality and limits.

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